The Order of the Phoenix

Order of the Phoenix
The Order of the Phoenix
Please note that this information is subject to change depending on in game mechanics related to injury, illness, and how treatment of these works. 

The Order of the Phoenix is the branch of the Military responsible for the training and fielding of Medics, Doctors, and Alchemists, as well as the development and maintenance of medical facilities and programs throughout Riftwood.

Medical Personnel

The Medic

The Order of the Phoenix is responsible for training field medics, doctors and alchemists for the Military of Riftwood.

A Medic is a footman who has undergone basic lifesaving and preventative medical training through one of the Order of the Phoenix’s Medic Training Programs.

A Medic is a Soldier or Myrmidon first, and a Hospitallier second, therefore must be proficient in Phoenix Hospitalliertactics and skilled in various forms of combat before attending a Medic program. Potential Medics are selected from the Order of the Hawk and the Order of the Heron after displaying intellect and an aptitude for the medical arts.

In the Order of the Hawk, embed in each Phalanx is a Medic trained by the Order of the Phoenix who takes guidance and leadership from the Sergeant as well as the Medical Sergeant who oversees all of the Medics within a Band. The Medical Sergeant is responsible for the medical training and takes his or her guidance from a Doctor within the Order of the Phoenix.

Depending on the size of vessel within the Order of the Heron, there may be one or several Medics. On a vessel with several Medics there will be one Medical Sergeant, though vessels without a Medical Sergeant will utilize one from another vessel. Medics assigned to a vessel will tend to the crew when not engaged in combat, but will travel and fight alongside Myrmidons during coastal raids.

The Doctor and the Alchemist

Doctors and Alchemists of the Order of the Phoenix play a vital role both militarily and infrastructurally in Riftwood. Funded directly by the Crown, Doctors and Alchemists work to find new treatment techniques and cures for illness and injury. While a Doctor focuses on the treatment of the patient, the Alchemist tends to stick to research and development rather than dealing directly with patients. A Doctor, however, can become an Alchemist and practice in both fields.

Doctors within the Order of the Phoenix play a role in the Military as well as Civilian sector. A Medical Sergeant within a Band of the Order of the Hawk or a Ship of the Order of the Heron answers directly to a Doctor assigned to his or her unit in matters of medical training and readiness. For this reason, a Doctor must continue to not only make advancements in treatment techniques, Phoenix Operationbut share research discoveries with The Order.

Becoming a Doctor or Alchemist is an arduous task. One must apply to the Regional Director for candidacy, then attend an apprenticeship under a Licensed Practitioner of either Medicine or Alchemy. Attainment of a Medical or Alchemical License may take years of apprenticeship, which at the end of the master  must decide whether the candidate is recommended for licensure. Once a recommendation for licensure has been given, the license may be granted by the Master of the Phoenix.

A Doctor who wishes to cross train as an Alchemist, or vice versa may do so in his or her time, though recommendation for licensure is still done by the holder of a valid Medical or Alchemical License.

Peacetime Operations

During times of peace, research, development, and training are the primary goals of the Order of the Phoenix. Medical assets are directed towards Medical Centers housing Order Doctors through Legionary Directors. Legionary Directors take up a role as medical administrators for hospitals funded by the Order. Doctors staff these hospitals and Alchemists focus on researching new curatives.

Medics focus on training and local security operations with their assigned units, but may be rotated to Medical Centers for medical training as directed by their Medical Sergeant.

Wartime Operations

When Riftwood goes to war, medical assets and personnel are directed to front line hospitals and battlefields.

Medics stay within their assigned Phalanx, with battlefield medicine being their primary concern.

Doctors and Alchemists are either deployed to Hospitals as close to the front line as they can be, or are tasked with the building of mobile hospital units which move with the Order of the Hawk. Legionary Directors embed with Legions

The Structure

Overseeing the Order and its operations is the Master of the Phoenix, who advises the Crown on medical assets and directs finances into various training exercises and research projects when requested by Doctors or Alchemists.

Order of the Phoenix Roles

Overseen by the Master of the Phoenix are several Legionary Directors, who are Doctors holding a valid license and work in conjunction with a particular Legion from the Order of the Hawk. All financial and logistical requests are channeled through Legionary Directors who deal directly with the Master of the Phoenix.

Under each Legionary Director are several Doctors and Alchemists. A Doctor may be assigned a Medical Sergeant within a Band or a Ship, though this depends on the number of Doctors and the number of Bands and Ships currently operating.


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