The Order of the Owl

Order of the Owl
The Order of the Owl

The Order of the Owl is home to the clandestine operatives of the Crown’s Military. The inner workings of the Order remain quite secretive, though the existence and overall makeup of the Order is public knowledge.

Role and Operations

The primary role of the Order of the Owl is to procure information which may be useful to the Crown as well as the protection and safeguarding of the Crown’s secrets.

The Order employs Inquisitors who may at times go undercover to investigate potential threats to the Crown, procure useful information, or other tasks for the Crown.

During a war, Inquisitors may find themselves operating in cooperation with other Orders of the Military to gain intelligence that may be useful in battle.

Inquisitors may find themselves deployed to outposts during peacetime, working with locals to flush out threats to the Crown’s Army and its property.


Much of the structure and roles within the Order of the Owl remain a close guarded secret, though what is known to the public is that the Master of the Owl oversees several Syndicates which are responsible for a specific region in Elyria. A Syndicate is managed by a Artifex, who in turn oversees individual Inquisitors who operate within the Syndicate’s region.


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