Drescuri Academy

Drescuri Academy
Operated by Draius Balaur

Dresčuri Academy

The Dresčuri Academy is dedicated to the enhancement, sharing, and preservation of knowledge.

Central University and remote specialization structure:
The Dresčuri Academy will be broken into a number of separate campuses, each focussed on at least one specialization called colleges and universities.

  • College
    • Creating a College Campus:
      A college is a smaller remote campus of the Academy. There are some steps that need to be taken in order to create a College campus under the Dresčuri Academy name.

      • Specialization
        • The college needs to choose a particular focus; this way, they will earn funding and research grants for particular types of research.
        • It is possible to have multiple campuses with the same specialization, but only if it is an extremely high-value and high-interest field.
        • You will also need
      • Leadership
        • Every Campus must have a Maester and a professor. This Maester must be skilled in the specialization of the school as well as help keep the campus organized and running smoothly. The professor will teach new students in the specialization. In the early game, it is acceptable for these to be one person.
      • Library
        • While colleges are specific to a single focus, each college must have a library to maintain the knowledge that they’ve accumulated, where the researchers and students can use texts to review older studies or learn early skills.
      • Approval
        • Once you have a focus, a building, and people to go in it, you can apply to become an official Drescuri Academy Campus.
    • Benefits
      Being a college campus will give you some notable benefits over being just an independent research lab or school.

      • Funding
        • While you can otherwise apply for research grants from the local, duchy or kingdom governments, as a campus you will receive additional resources and funding from the Academy to keep your research happening.
      • Influence
        • Your Maester is also given a spot on the Academy Board of Directors, where he can help govern the direction of the academy as a whole, and bring forward challenges that they are facing.
      • Access
        • Not only will you have access to government contracts, and some may be given to you if they fit your specialization, but you also have access to the knowledge and network of the Academy. Your students will have the right to use many of the resources at even other campuses, but especially the universities.
      • NOTE
        • Though a college has only one official focus, this does not mean that college is not allowed to pursue other studies. It’s more that it must excel at one particular thing, and as long as that’s the case, then anything else is gravy. It would be through their own initiatives that a college may eventually grow to be a university, which it would be granted if it met the requirements for a university outlined below.
    • CollegeUniversity is the second type of campus that is part of the Dresčuri Academy. The university is the headquarters of the Academy. It is where the board meetings will be held, and where the headmaster will reside. There will be one university to begin with; in the County of Lumina, led by Headmaester Draius Balaur.There are a number of notable differences that define a university, compared to a college.
      • Multiple Foci:
        • A university is a very large campus with enough funding for multiple fully equipped foci. The university is as capable if not moreso in each of these foci than an entire dedicated college. There is no set number of Foci that a University can or must have.
        • This is accomplished by having multiple colleges within the university, each with its own Maester, and a Headmaester to govern them as a whole.
      • Grand Library:
        • The university will work with each college to maintain a centralized main library containing manuals, instructional information, schematics, and even contracts from all campuses. All of our knowledge will be kept in this centralized location for any student of faculty in the Academy to use. Colleges are strongly encouraged to have libraries, but the university will be actively maintaining a complete base of knowledge for the Academy. Every single script in this library will also be backed up in the Sanctum, a non-partisan independent knowledge preservation entity, to ensure nothing is permanently lost in the event of a disaster.
      • Multi-focus training:
        • While each college has a single focus, and students can go there to learn about that focus, a University will have instructors for as many types of skills as possible, even beyond the foci of the university.
        • This will be accomplished by using the professors of its own campus as well as bringing in professors from all other campuses. These professors will be offered a term contract to come to the university to teach their trade.
        • These term professors will be given complimentary guarded travel, and free lodging in the university residences, in addition to a generous salary.
        • These professors can also advertise their home college, and take on apprentices which they may take back to their home campus for further instruction.
        • Any instructor from any college is free to, on their own, travel to the University and teach or even study and work there, but without an invitation, they won’t receive the travel, residence and pay that an invited term professor would. They may however request it, and it could be approved.
    • Academy AdministrationThe academy leadership structure is very simple. There is a panel on which the Maesters and Headmaesters sit. Here, they are all called directors. All Maesters and Headmaesters are equal Directors for the academy as a whole.It’s important to note that a Maester only answers to their own Headmaester with regards to the running of their own college; all Directors have equal say and vote as to the happenings of the academy as a whole.

      There is a single role known as the Chancellor. The Chancellor has a different role depending on circumstance. In the beginning, the Chancellor is the Headmaester of the University in Lumina. This is for the setting up of the Academy until it is stable. Once it is stable, and matters are being voted on, The Chancellor’s vote only exists to break ties, and otherwise is the role of mediation through the meetings, as well as a single point of contact for the administration as a whole. The role of the Chancellor is not to dictate how the Academy is to operate. It is possible that The Chancellor may make quick decisions to keep the Academy running smoothly, but any Maester has the right to call a Board of Directors meeting to challenge any Academy-wide decision of the Chancellor.

    • College AutonomyEach college is allowed to operate as it sees necessary, within the rules outlined and determined by the Board. The exception is that a headmaester may involve himself more directly in the operation of a college within a university. Tuition, teaching practices, advertisements, enrollment, and operations are to be handled by the colleges independently as long as they are within the guidelines set by the Board.
    • EnrollmentEnrollment in the Dresčuri Academy is not universal. Enrollment is handled on a college basis. Enrollment in one college does not grant enrollment in another, as they may have different conditions and prices.Enrollment in any college in the Academy does however, grant access to the resources in the Grand library.

      Enrollment in each particular college will grant you access to its resources including instructors, research material, and equipment, however, it’s up to each college to decide what information and equipment is given to whom, based on whatever criteria they decide. This will also come at the cost of tuition which is set by the college. There will be guidelines for how much tuition can cost and the minimum amount of access that said tuition grants you.

    • CertificationThere will be a universal system for certification; this is one area that is handled at the Academy level, not individually in the colleges, to ensure that a high standard is set.The benefit to this is there are 2 ways to prove your skill. One is through demonstration, and one is through certification. Depending on your field, it may be very annoying or difficult to prove your skill through demonstration every time you want a contract.

      To make this process easier, the Academy will provide certification, which you can show to clients and employers to prove that you have the skills claimed.

      If you are an undergraduate, a graduate, or a Professor at a college and are training up, as long as you are paying tuition, certificates will be provided at no additional charge.

      If you are not attending college, but have been training on your own and want the convenience of having a certification for your skill, you will have to go to a college that specializes in the skill you need certification in, and you can challenge the exams for a fee.

    • Student StatusIt’s worth making a note that student status is not the same as status as a student in a university IRL. There is no forced progression from undergraduate to graduate to Phd student to research professor and all that. Your status as what type of student you are depends entirely on your skills and role within the college, not necessarily a progression.
      • UndergraduateUndergraduates are the lowest level of student in a college. This is the entry level. At this stage, the player can be novice, or apprentice. Becoming a journeyman removes you from this tier in that skill.At all levels however, you can enroll as an undergraduate to demonstrate your skill and we will give you certification for it. More details under certification.
      • GraduateThis is a bit of an intermediate position. You have a good grasp of the work that you’re doing and have learned a lot, but you are not at the level that you can really research and push forward the envelope of technology on your own. At this stage, you can begin assisting in the teaching of novice undergraduates, while also working with the researchers to help them with some of their research. The skill levels here are not necessarily defined.
      • ProfessorYou actually become a full Professor at the university when you have obtained enough skill to attempt to develop new technology (whatever that skill for that technology happens to be, but likely at least Artisan if not Renowned) and you can begin to obtain research grants from the college as well as the government to do research and development.
    • ScholarshipsTo use a college’s resources, you need to be a member of it. While each college handles this independently and thus the details may differ, it’s true that all colleges will require a fee for people to use their facilities, whether it’s simply to learn as an undergraduate, or to use their more advanced facilities to develop as a professor.This can be rather expensive, especially at the higher end, and not everyone will be able to afford it. (does this sound familiar?) however, you will be able to earn scholarships through either the government, the college, or private companies to become a student, and these scholarships will pay for, in part or full (usually full, it’s not as expensive as real college, I promise) for a time. There’s a number of reasons they may do this:
      • At the undergraduate and graduate, level, if there isn’t enough interest in a field, colleges and governments may offer interested students full scholarships so that there is more incentive for them to go and learn that subject.
      • At the graduate and professor level, you may be given contracts by the government, college, or third parties to conduct your research to progress a certain technology. In the case of graduates, they may be given scholarships to work with researchers. It is also possible that third parties may pay both you to conduct their research as well as pay the university your tuition to give you the access to the facilities.
      • Any citizens may apply for a Scholarship if they think they have something significant to bring to the table in terms of time, dedication, skill, etc., and any entity may sponsor their education and/or research.
    • New Player GuidanceIn accordance with the Interkingdom Board of Education, all players (but for the sake of new players) will be given unrestricted free access to a certain set of information at every college without cost. This information includes:
      • Basic introduction on gameplay; moving their character, accessing and using the UI, basic description of skills common to the area.
      • Basic warnings about the imminent dangers of the area, including a detailed map of the settlement, a map of the county and basic map of the duchy and kingdom.
      • Basic understanding of the laws of the land, and access to the full set of laws.
      • Access to information on local guilds or other known opportunities.
    • Current Planned Colleges
      Maester County Focus University (or N/A)
      Draius Balaur (Headmaester) Lumina Civil Infrastructure: (aqueducts plumbing wells etc) U of Drescuri
      Draius Balaur (Headmaester) Lumina Material Engineering: (using correct material for a task; new materials?) U of Drescuri

      NOTE: Terms used are working terms; such as maesters, headmaesters, Board of director, chancellor may and will probably change, but the general role ideas are in place.