The Crown’s Army


The Structure

Each Duke and Duchess in Riftwood is authorized and encouraged to maintain a standing army in his or her Duchy, which must rally to the Crown during times of conflict. The Crown of Riftwood also maintains a standing Army, whose central command garrisons in the capital city of Aurielle.

The Orders

The Crown’s Army is divided into four Orders: The Order of the Hawk, as the primary ground fighting force; The Order of the Heron, as the primary naval force; The Order of the Owl, which conducts intelligence operations; and The Order of the Phoenix, which trains and fields medics and doctors, and maintains hospitals.


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Order of the Hawk
The Order of the Hawk
Order of the Owl
The Order of the Owl
Order of the Phoenix
The Order of the Phoenix







Order of the Heron
The Order of the Heron