County of Hawkridge

Nestled within the borders of Ira Invida, the county of Hawkridge is one with a long and rich heritage. Home to the elite Rangers of Hawkridge and the holy order of the Knights of the Seal, the county boasts a strong military presence supported by two academies.

The Ranger academy is dedicated to the training of marksmen, trackers, reconnaissance and unconventional warfighters. The Knights of the Seal also hosts an Academy for the training of their Paladins. Both organizations dedicated to keeping the Kingdom safe.

The Knights of the Seal are the guardians of the seal holding the darker side of the Virtori religion imprisoned.  They take the Neran title of Sword of Virtue seriously and protect humanity from those that would corrupt all life.  The Knights of the Seal fall under the command of Baron Merek of Templehaven and through his leadership, aid in the defense of the county, duchy and kingdom.

We welcome everyone from all walks of life to the county.  Tradesmen and merchants will find a happy home here, as will the more adventurous and soldierly types.

Cities of Hawkridge

City of Sterling – County Seat
Town of Barra Baile – Mayor Kai
Town of Greyguard – Mayor Quazil
TBD – Mayor TBD

Barony of Templehaven – Baron Merek De LaWarr
Barony of Highridge – Baroness Elizabeth Iblis