The Order of the Heron

Order of the Heron
The Order of the Heron

The Order of the Heron is the Crown’s primary force for Naval combat and seafaring.

Peacetime Operations

In times of peace, the Order of the Heron primarily patrols the waterways of Riftwood, Heron Sailing.jpgensuring the safety and stability of its seas and rivers. Fleets may be rotated through deployments to coastal outposts and forts in order to conduct patrols through the waterways of a region for both training and for the security of Riftwood.

The Order primarily trains on naval tactics and may work in conjunction with the Order of the Hawk to practice coordinated amphibious attacks.

Vessels of the Order of the Heron may be tasked with the protection of merchant vessels as well as the exploration of distant lands during times of peace.

Wartime Operations

During times of war, vessels within a Fleet may be deployed along coastal outposts that lie within close proximity to the front lines, if they may be reached by waterway. A Fleet may also be tasked with disrupting logistical supply routes along waterways, or conducting coastal raids behind enemy lines.

If needed, a Fleet may also be tasked with securing logistical routes to deliver supplies to troops from The Order of the Hawk, or with the transportation of troops to the front.

The Structure

The Order of the Heron is primarily a decentralized command. Orders for movement, deployments, and large scale operations come from the top, but decisions must be made at the Fleet and individual Ship level on a regular basis.

The Command structure is quite similar to The Order of the Hawk, the primary difference being the dual nature of a Ship’s crew.

At the Ship level, there are Seafarers and Myrmidons.

The Seafarer

The Crewmen on a Ship responsible for the operation of the vessel itself.

The MyrmidonMyrmidons

An amphibious warrior who is responsible for defense of a vessel, the boarding of an enemy vessel, or the attack of enemy structures and troops during coastal aids.


Depending on the size and configuration of each vessel, there may be one or several Midshipmen overseeing Myrmidon and Seafarers. The Midshipmen answer to the Helmsman, who captains the Ship. There may be several Ships of various sizes and configurations within a Fleet, who is overseen by the Fleetmaster. The Fleetmaster generally captains his or her own ship within a Fleet.

Order of the Heron Roles

Overseeing a Siege, which consists of several Fleets, is a Commodore. Working directly for the Master of the Heron, The Commodore’s role is to manage logistics, disseminate Orders and Edicts, and oversee the large scale operations of a Siege.



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