The Order of the Hawk

Order of the Hawk
The Order of the Hawk

The Order of the Hawk is the Crown’s primary military force for conducting ground warfare.

Peacetime Operations

During peacetime, the Order’s primary garrison is within the Capital County of Aetherius. The Order may maintain several smaller garrisons throughout Riftwood, however.

The Order primarily trains on tactics and may periodically conduct war games to ensure combat readiness and effectiveness. Detachments of the Order of the Hawk may regularly deploy to garrison smaller outposts along the border of Riftwood or to outposts found within Riftwood’s foreign colonies.

Although not its primary role, the Order may work with local Mayors, Magistrates, Barons, Holdmasters, or law enforcement to defend and protect Kingdom lands from outlaws.

Wartime Operations

During a war, the Order assembles to march on Riftwood’s foes, whether on foreign  or domestic soil. The Order flights alongside the armies of the Great Houses of Riftwood, under the direction of the Master of the Hawk.

At the start of a campaign, the Ducal Council meets with the Masters of the Orders, Hawk in Battleforming a War Council. The Council formulates a Grand Stratagem as a model to be disseminated through the proper channels, giving each individual unit both specific orders and the intent to be met during operations. The War Council regularly convenes to discuss the campaign, new strategies, and to disseminate new orders and intents to subordinates.

The Structure

The Order of the Hawk is a combination of Centralized and Decentralized Command structures. The Order is led by the Master of the Hawk, who is charged with providing subordinates with training goals to be met during peacetime, the fielding of new equipment, and the managing of coin and resources for the Order. During peacetime, the Master networks with the Lords and Ladies of Riftwood to determine the need for aid, as well as the negotiation for lands to be utilized for training exercises.

Overseen by the Master are a small amount of Executors, who in turn manage logistics, disseminate Orders and Edicts, and oversee the large scale operations of a Legion. Legions will typically deploy together to a region where they may be split into its various Regiments to conduct operations and maintain outposts. During a large scale battle, a Legion will typically march together.

An example of a Legion (not representative of actual numbers)

Within each Legion are a number of Regiments, each commanded by a Battlemaster. A Regiment is further broken down into Bands, led by a Captain; Bands may be broken down into the smallest element, a Phalanx, which is led by a Sergeant.

When deployed, Regiments may be spread out over a region. Each Band within the Regiment typically operates within a shared battlespace, supporting each other in operations and maneuvers. At the lowest level, the Phalanx is the foundation of the fighting force. A seasoned Footman who as earned the rank of Sergeant trains and leads subordinates in both garrison and wartime operations. The Sergeant manages the daily tasks of the footmen and ensures each subordinate footman is adequately fed, armed, trained, and disciplined.


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