Ideally the Duchy will be located along the ocean with some mountains and lowlands for a good variety in climate. Right now I am looking for people with a variety of interests, from farming to mining. There is also a system of Ministers that will be responsible for helping with duchy wide implementation of techniques, regulations and laws. A few examples are:

  • Minster of Agriculture
  • Minister of Trade
  • Minister of Justice

They will sit in on the Assembly and travel abroad in my stead to help implement any reforms to the counties. I will mostly be laissez-faire when it comes to laws, however defense and open trade within the duchy are very important to me, any major disputes between counts will be handled by either me or my Ministru Sef (pronounced Mineh – strew – sef), Draius Balaur. He is my steward and will handle all issues if I am unavailable. He has my complete confidence and trust.

Any issues or questions about what you want to do can always be brought to me or Draius, we are a lawful-good to neutral-good aligned people, with a unique and special story that has some great tie ins. Each count will be responsible for recruiting their own counties, however as we get more situated, we will have our own special Q&A for counts so they can introduce their counties to prospective barons and mayors.

Ranking for the duchy will be as follows:

  • The Duke/Duchess
  • Ministru Serf
  • Count
  • Baron/Mayor
  • Vassal
  • (Everyone Else)

The difference between a Count and a Markgrof, is that the Markgrof is someone involved in the military, they are along the borders of the Duchy. These “counties” are called Marches. These will be given based on a case by case basis. When it comes to defense, each count will be responsible for their own county guards. Its recommended that counts then delegate the payment for town and village guards to those locations, in order to spread out the cost of the guard. The duke will be responsible for covering the cost of the army. The Minister of Coin will help me draw up a financial plan to show to the assembly and get ideas on any adjustments to the plan

I encourage all people to try to be active not only in recruitment but in community involvement. Organizing groups and working with other players in other duchies is a huge plus. Essentially I am looking for well rounded players in personality, and want to give everyone the best experience I can.

Positions will be on a merit based system, having experience in the area you are applying for is a huge plus. Other factors that play into garnering a position will be activity and personality, although not everyone needs to have a great personality, Its a plus!