The Council of Corvus

The Council of Corvus plays an integral part in the Governing of Riftwood. Consisting of five Chancellor seats, the Dukes of Riftwood, and the Masters of each Military Order, the Council of Corvus acts as an advisory staff to the Crown in matters pertaining to Lore, Coin, Infrastructure, Welfare of the Citizens, Trade, and Military matters in the Realm.

Some Chancellor seats are filled by appointed officials, though some may be voted on by organizations or the Citizens of Riftwood. A Chancellor must be a Registered Citizen of Riftwood.

When a new decree or edict has been given by the Crown, the Chancellors may be given tasks to carry out on behalf of the Crown. The Chancellors may employ Maesters to conduct the tasks which have been given.

The Chancellors

The Chancellor of Trade

Elected by leadership of the Network of Sanctioned Guilds, the Chancellor of Trade acts as the voice of the Guilds. The Chancellor of Trade advises the King on matters pertaining to trade both within Riftwood as well as negotiations outside of the Realm. When necessary, the Chancellor of Trade may act as an emissary or foreign Diplomat in order to establish trade networks outside of Riftwood’s borders.

The seat is voted on every two years in order to ensure the Network of Sanctioned Guilds’ needs are being heard.

The Chancellor of Prosperity

The other elected seat within the Council of Corvus is the Chancellor of Prosperity. Every two years, the Citizens of Riftwood vote to elect their voice within the Council to ensure their voices are heard and their needs are being met.

The Chancellor of Prosperity’s primary purpose is to advise the Crown on the needs of the populous. The Chancellor may employ utilize Maesters to conduct sensing sessions in various communities to collect data concerning the Citizens of Riftwood.

The Chancellor of Infrastructure

As an Official appointed by the Crown, it is the responsibility of the Chancellor of Infrastructure to act as an adviser on matters of buildings, roads, and  infrastructural programs and projects funded by the Crown.

The Chancellor of Infrastructure essentially acts as a Contractor who employs Maesters as Subcontractors to manage Crown projects and programs related to the infrastructure of Riftwood.

The Chancellor of Coin

As a Crown-appointed Official, the Chancellor of Coin manages the Crown’s coffers and financial ledgers and advises the Crown on matters relating to finance. Throughout the year, the Chancellor of Coin reviews the Crown’s income from all of its various sources, as well as the expenses of governing a Kingdom. Based on this data, the Chancellor of Coin advises the King on Kingdom tax rates and allocation of financial assets.

When a new project is purposed within the Council, whether Military of Civilian, the Chancellor of Coin reviews the financial ledgers and offers the Crown its advice in the allocation of funds.

The Chancellor of Coin also manages the logistics of tax collection. For this, the Chancellor may employ Maesters who may oversee the collection and transport of the coin. When needed, the Maester may request assistance from the King’s Army in order to safely transport the coin, or may hire local guards for the task.

The Chancellor of Lore

The Chancellor of Lore is a seat appointed by the Crown who is responsible for the documentation and distribution of new decrees, edicts, and laws. The Chancellor also maintains the Grand Library within the Capital of Riftwood.

The Chancellor of Lore may employ Maesters to act as Lorekeepers within the Grand Library as well as Maesters to act as Heralds to distribute information throughout the Kingdom.

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