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Atravia was won over to Drescuri during a great war between the Balaur family and Luitolf clan which only ended with the marriage between the daughter of the Jarl and the son of the Duke, leading to the Atravia being added the families personal lands. The marriage was arranged to end the bloodshed, with the agreement that control of the mark was always held be the Luitolf clan.

Centuries later, a man by the name of Redgar Luitolf, Gothi of the Luitolf clan, decided he wanted to become the rightful ruler of Atravia, feeling the the Balaur clan was no longer Atravi enough to be considered rightful rulers under the agreement. With this, he declared himself Jarl of the Atravi, and started an insurrection. Not even Atravi citizen sided with Redgar, not even every member of the Luitolf clan sided with him. His main opponent within the Mark was a woman by the name of Alina Yalow, a great warrior and leader in her own right.

Many battles were fought, and eventually with it appearing Redgar getting the upper hand. Kaleva, growing tired of all the fighting in Atravia, took a detachtment of the Dragon’s Guard in hopes of putting it to an end. With the combination of of Alina’s loyal forces, and Kalev’s soldiers, they were able to push back to Isengrim Keep, Redgar’s seat of power in the Capital of Osala.

Knowing that this would not end the bloodshed of the people, Kaleva decided to invoke an ancient law that stated one could challenge a Gothi for their position as Gothi through the means of honorable combat. Redgar exited Isegrim Keep, knowing that if he didn’t take the challenge that he would lose all support. He put in the stipulation that if he won, the Dragon’s Guard would leave Atravia and leave it to be determined by its inhabitants. Kalvea agreed with his own stipulation, that if he won, the people loyal to Redgar would follow Kaleva instead, and keep true to the agreement left so long ago.

After a long and bloody battle, Kalvea won by lobbing the head off Redgar. He was the new Gothi of the Luitolf, and declared himself Jarl of the Atravi. He sent the Dragon’s guard back to Duchy Capital of Brosov, and transformed those loyal to him into the Amarok’s Chosen. The County Guard. He kept Alina around as a personal advisor. Months later, a messenger arrived from Brosov with a letter from Kaleva’s brother, the duke, giving his title of Margrof of Atravia to Kaleva, making his rule there official in the eyes of the duchy and kingdom. Kaleva now has a a long way to prove to his people that he truly has their best interests in mind.

Years later, Jarl Kaleva Balaur would prove his metal once again when he came to the defense of the kingdom that earned him respect with both the King and Duke Ștephan Balaur thus he was officially recognized as Jarl over Atravia. This recognition transformed Atravia into a duchy and granted Kaleva a larger domain.