Briva was founded by the Davrish family long ago and has been headed by the family to modern times. The town was founded under the name of Oslec originally. However after the Atravi forces toppled the cruel and despotic rule of The Pretender, the townspeople and Davrish Vogt renamed the town in honor of their freedom. Briva translates to free country,people in Atravi.

Briva is a peaceful town. The sheep raised around the town provide for the wool and textile industry which provides the main source of revenue. The Davrish family, currently lead by Sylvae Dvorak (nee Davrish) maintains a a town guard and strong walls, however, as the town lies relatively close to his Capital of Osala, Briva benefits from the proximal protection of the Jarl’s army. Briva boasts a fine tavern and inn, along with a textile mill, markets and more.

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