Wren Thunderstride

Wren Thunderstride and his wife Jolleen were both born to the Vukove clan. This clan of Atrav decended from those who are said to have originally lived in the original city of Osala. The Vuk, as they were later called, bore a special hatred of the Luitolfs. They blamed the Luitolfs for the fall of the holy city of Osala and that hatred was passed down, generation to generation. Wren would be instrumental in leading his people into reunification under the Jarls leadership. His parents, leaders of the Vuk, were making plans to assasinate the Jarl and the princess, who would arrive in the morning to discuss peace. Outraged by years of unjustified hatred, Wren challenged his father to a Dachaphat (Day-cha-phat). His father reluctantly accepted. The Jarl arrived just in time to witness the Wren separating his fathers head from his body. Bloody, he turned to the Jarl and tossed his fathers head at his feet. To the Vukove, it symbolized the leadership being passed from Wren to the Jarl. Wren then declared all Vukove lands forfeit and restored ownership to the Luitolf.

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