Sylvae Davrish

Sylvae and the Davrish Family have long been ardent and ferociously loyal supporters of their Clan and Jarl and they are proud of their Atravi Blood.

Dark and relativly secretive, the Davrish Family specializes in the more individual persuits of Exploration, Cartography, and Adventuring as well scouting and information gathering. Therefore, individualistic and survivalist skills are nearly as highly prized in the family as thier famed taciturn descretion.

Rumored to be rather tenacious and opportunistic, they’ve been given the epithet Harpies. Just so, the family head, Sylvae Davrish, had pejoratively been called The Harpy; A name which she stole and owned as a symbol of her House. Despite their reputation, the Davrish Household will do nearly anything to uphold the laws of the Jarldom.

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