We have a mix of cultural themes covering the Norse, Germanic, Inuit, Uralic, Slavic and more. I have taken multiple cultures and blended them into my own fiction to make something more unique. For example, our county guard the Amarok’s Chosen is named after an Inuit giant wolf creature of the same name. I wanted to use ancient germanic tribal ranks for my titles but people didn’t understand them and though they were my name.

Atravia itself is from the Atrav tribe that will hopefully be made up of multiple clans. The Atrav tribe is from my personal gaming experiences and of my own invention. They have been used in various tabletop games like D&D when we used a homebrew world. There is plenty of room for people to come up with their own ideas and help us flesh out even more. There is absolutely no need or pressure to fit into a mold. We are looking for people that are willing to contribute to the story, game, and more. We are not looking for those that want to just sit around and have things handed to them. We have a quality over quantity motto and that extends to both our duchy and kingdom as well. More information can be found on the discord page that has been linked at the bottom of this post. Even if you don’t wish to join the county, duchy, or kingdom feel free to drop by. We would be glad to have you.


Atravia Wants YOU!

Atravia is seeking the blood born, those who have the blood of the Atravi flowing through their veins. Read The Cry Goes Out for more information.