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Guilds in Riftwood are separated into two main categories: Guilds and Sanctioned Guilds. A Guild is defined by the Crown as any organization which operates under the law towards a common cause or goal under the supervision of an individual or a council. A guild is not formally recognized as Sanctioned and does not qualify for benefits until it has completed the application process through the Crown.

A Sanctioned Guild, however, is an organization which meets the above criteria that has applied to the Crown’s Bureau of Registration and Statistics and been approved by a Certifying Official appointed by the Crown. A Sanctioned Guild holds a contract through the Crown and provides goods and services to the Crown upon request at a predetermined rate.

The Benefits

Upon application, a Guild may request to receive benefits which are granted based upon the needs and the welfare of the Kingdom. A Guild who has already applied and been accepted as a Sanctioned Guild may still request new benefits, or change existing benefits, but must submit a request in writing to the Bureau of Registration and Statistics.

  • Cost Reduction: Materials, goods, and services bought from the Crown, or other agencies operating under the network of the Crown may be bought at a lower rate.
  • Grants: Monetary Grants may be issued to Sanctioned Guilds.
  • Subsidized Loans: The Crown pays the interest on any business loan through approved money lenders.images (1)
  • A Voice in the Council: All Sanctioned Guilds are given a vote in the election of a Chancellor of Trade, who acts as the voice of the Guilds in the Council of Corvus.

The above is not an exhaustive list, rather examples of benefits that may be granted. At any time, a Sanctioned Guild, or a Guild applying for Sanctioned status may make a request which may be negotiated by the Crown.

A Sanctioned Guild is granted a contract which lasts for a predetermined amount of time, negotiated at the time of application. Once the Contract has ended, a new contract is created between the Crown and the Guild which may be a continuation of the previous contract, or a renegotiation of terms.

The Role and Responsibilities of a Sanctioned Guild

A Sanctioned Guild plays a vital role in the economy and infrastructure of the Kingdom. The Sanctioned Guild is essentially contracted by the Crown to fill a niche role in a particular area which is vital to commerce, research, production, or an innumerable amount of other key areas.

A Sanctioned Guild is not expected to provide its services exclusively to the Crown; it is still subject to a free market. The Sanctioned Guild is, however, required to prioritize its efforts in fulfillment of the Crown’s requests for services. The rates the Crown pays for services rendered are agreed upon when the contract is signed. If the goods or services being provided to the Crown are not found within the perimeters of the contract, prices and rates may be negotiated and amended in the contract.


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