Become A Citizen

Become a Citizen

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Inhabitants of Riftwood are divided into three main categories: Transients, Residents, and Citizens. A resident is anyone who resides within borders of Riftwood. A Transient is a visitor to Riftwood who is either passing through, or is only taking a short trip for business or personal reasons. A Resident is one who resides within Riftwood permanently, or stays in Riftwood with no intentions of vacating. A Citizen is a permanant resident of Riftwood who has undergone the application process and has been approved by an Authorizing Official.

A Citizen has both benefits and responsibilities under the law and must be familiar with the culture and laws of Riftwood and its people.

The Benefits

Clearly defined rights under the law:

  • The Right to an Expedient Trial: Punishment for a crime shall never be imposed upon any individual, whether he or she is a Citizen or not, unless guilt has been clearly established. A citizen, however, has the right to see his or her case brought before a Magistrate before that of noncitizens.
  • The Right to Petition: A Citizen may petition the Crown for financial aid, support for housing or living necessities, a negotiated loan, subsidies, or to establish a Sanctioned Guild. The may also petition for an investigation by the crown’s authorities concerning law, corruption, or abuse of citizenry rights. This document does not contain an all-exhaustive list; a Citizen may petition for anything and it is at the Crown’s discretion to grant or deny the request.
  • The Right to Own and Operate a Sanctioned Guild: A Citizen may apply to own and operate a Kingdom Sanctioned Guild, which may be eligible for subsidies and otherCitizen Women of RIftwood benefits which an ordinary Guild is not. See the section on Guilds contained within this document.
  • The Right to Mobility: A Citizen has the right to attain stature within the Kingdom if he or she has the capability to do so. A Citizen may move through the social ranks through military service, government service, or through trade work within or without a Guild. Anyone may enlist within the Crown’s Army, though only a Citizen may advance above the Rank of Sergeant, Dragoon, Clerk, or Watchman. Only Citizens may gain entry into the Knights of the Virindi Guard. Only Citizens may hold an Official Government Position in any capacity.
  • The ability to borrow money and collect subsidies from the Crown. A citizen may, if approved through an application process, borrow money from the Crown’s Treasury. An agreement shall be made to repay the loan after a period with an interest agreed upon at the time of the application. If the Citizen qualifies, he or she may be granted a subsidy to fulfill a purpose defined and agreed upon at the time of application. Any project utilizing a subsidy shall be inspected throughout its development and utilization.

The Responsibilities

A Citizen has certain obligations to fulfill for the Kingdom:

  • A Citizen must contribute to the Kingdom through productivity. A Citizen must maintain a profession which is beneficial to the Kingdom and its people.
  • A Citizen must be willing to contribute during a time of war either militarily or infrastructurally. A tradesman may offer his or her skills to maintain the arms and equipment of the fighting force; a citizen may also enlist for a short-term contract into the military, or conversely join a local militia.
  • A Citizen shall provide information regarding nefarious acts and intentions to local authorities.

The Process

To begin, current Residents of a particular Duchy should fill out the Application for Citizenship Form and submit it to their local Magester, Duke, or Duchess.

A Transient or Resident who is not yet decided on a particular Duchy should first talk with members of each Duchy to determine the best fit. Discuss culture, local law, resources, and roles before making a decision. Once a decision has been reached, submit the Application for Citizenship Form to a Magester, Duke, or Duchess of that Duchy.

Once the Applicant has been approved by the Duke or Duchess, the application is submitted to the Bureau of Registration and Statistics for review.

The process is important to ensure Citizens are recognized by the Kingdom for their stature as well as to provide census information to the Crown.


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